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Public Administration and European Integration


ECTS credits: 5


  • Increase the analysis and synthesis capacity of civil servants from central public institutions and local public authorities,
  • Provide an appropriate degree of information of the program participants’ regarding European integration process and of the required efforts of Romanian public administration for complying European standards in the field.

Content (descriptors):

  1. State and public administration
  2. Administration and general political factors
  3. Administration and political power
  4. Public services and European regulation
  5. Financing local collectivities in Europe
  6. Phases on European constructions
  7. Treaties that grounds the European construction and European Constitution 
  8. European Union institutional system
  9. Unique market and principal European policies 
  10. Specificities of negotiation process regarding accession – Romania case
  11. Public administration reform in spirit of European administrative space principles

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