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Master Thesis


ECTS credits: 15

Assessment: defense

Type of exam: written and oral



The Master Thesis shows the maturity and preparedness of the graduate for research work. It can be written and defended in either English or German.

Course content

The Master Thesis presents a problem chosen by the student who has done research on it, using the necessary methodology and research tools. This final paper should present the variety of theoretical interpretations of the problem and try to clarify its nature on the basis of empirical experience, the chosen research methods and research tools. The concluding part of the paper should attempt at giving an answer to the  problem raised.  Referencing the paper requires additional preparation and conscientious citation of sources used in the research work by the student both inside the text of the Master Thesis and in the bibliography.

Teaching and assessment

The Master Thesis is evaluated both as a text and as an oral  defense before the academic commission.


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