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European Economic and Social Development


ECTS credits: 6

Weekly workload: 2 hours lecture + 2 hours seminar

Assessment: exam

Type of exam: written



This course is taken in Germany the third semester but students have the freedom to choose other courses compatible with this one and well related to the module called Economics and Management. Such compatible courses are: Corporate Management, Management of Societies in Transition.  

Course content

Part one: Introduction into the theme. Perspectives for the corporate type of management. Three patterns of corporate management.

Part two: Management culture in societies in transition. Instrument and concept management transfer.


Teaching and assessment

The equal number of lectures and seminars guarantees a balanced teaching approach to the course – theory is followed by a sufficient number of practical tasks during seminars. Basic teaching methods for work with students are: international team work, discussion, case studies teaching method. The individual assignment is another opportunity for the students for creative work on key issues of the course. Final assessment is based on the semester exam (80%) and the individual assignment and active participation during lectures and seminars contribute 20% to the final ECTS grade.


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