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Comparative Administration


ECTS credits: 6

Weekly workload: 2 hours lecture + 2 hours seminar

Assessment: exam

Type of exam: oral and written



The course aims :

  • to make students become familiar with key concepts related to public administration and to provide understanding of the administrative process in Europe;
  • To provide knowledge about representative governments and administrative systems of EU member states and applicant countries from a comparative perspective;
  • To help build  a new administrative culture for the future European affairs practitioner.

Course content

Public administration and public management. Approaches to public policy. The European public policy: actors, institutions, instruments. The European public policy process: agenda setting, policy formulation, decision making, implementation, evaluation. Representative government in Europe: the Executive, Parliaments, Political Parties, elections and electoral systems. Levels of governance in Europe: diversity of national practices. Administrative systems in Western and Eastern Europe.


Teaching and assessment

Teaching is conducted by interactive lectures and seminars. Student-centered learning is encouraged. The course offers on-line access of teaching material to learners. The course assignment is focused on “Levels of Governance in My Country”. Assessment is based on attendance, participation and presentation of the course assignment (20%) and on the written exam (80%).


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