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1336 European History

ECTS credits: 2

Weekly workload: 4 hours lecture

Assessment: exam

Type of exam: written

Department involved: Department of European Studies, University of Ruse


The course aims:

  • To acquaint students with the political, economic and social development of modern Europe.
  • To introduce the basic terminology in German necessary for the normal functioning of the course.

Course content

Europe at the end of the 19th century and the early 1920sindustrialization, modernization, parliamentary life. WW1 – economic, social and political tendencies. Europe between the wars. WW2 – development and consequences for Germany and Europe. Europe after 1945..

Teaching and assessment:

Lectures and seminars rely on two methods- the interactive one and the self-learning method. Students have free access to the lecturer’s hand outs. They are required to write on, present and reveal one historical and social problem from the history of Europe (in written and oral form). The final ECTS grade depends on: the final exam (80%) and their contribution to seminar work including the presentation of the written paper (20%).


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