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1327 Team work and Leadership


ECTS credits: 1

Weekly workload: 20 hours lecture

Assessment: exam

Type of exam: written and oral



This course lasts for 1 week and aims:

  1. To provide knowledge about existing theories and practices of effective team work and leadership;
  2. To train the students in team working and to develop their leadership skills.  

Course content

Team work: Definitions of teamwork. Reasons for the formations of groups. Groups vs. teams. Team cohesiveness, development and maturity. Team effectiveness. Team roles. Membership of successful teams. Personality and team (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator).  Teams and total quality management. Teams and workforce diversity. Belbin team role. Leadership: attitudinal and situational approaches to leadership.


Teaching and assessment

Lectures and seminars are interactive and allow the involvement of students into discussions on concrete problems of the discipline. The practice sessions include simulation games, self-assessment tests, the case-studies teaching method. The final ECTS grade is formed on the basis of the student’s  analysis of a case study and his or her activity during the discussion sessions.


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