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1348 Intercultural Communication (ICC)


ECTS credits: 5

Weekly workload: 2 hours lecture

Assessment: exam

Type of exam: oral and written



Course aims:

  • To provide theoretical background for the understanding of the diverse cultures and the relevant communication patterns;
  • To develop knowledge and skills for the application of relevant communication strategies and tactics for behaviour in a multicultural environment as well as for effective participation in intercultural communication, including international negotiations.

Course content

Introduction to ICC – roots and development of ICC, critical concepts in ICC. Culture and communication as basic concepts of ICC. The concept of the stranger. Intercultural adaptation and intercultural competence.


Teaching and assessment

Lectures and seminars are interactive and encourage student centered learning and presentations. Teaching is conducted with simulation games, video recording, case studies, role play, discussions and plenty of video films. The course finishes with a research task, a course assignment. Assessment is based on the results from the written exam (80%) ,on the one hand, and ,on the other, on attendance, seminar participation and presentation of the course assignment (20%).


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