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1324 International Economics


ECTS credits: 5

Weekly workload: 2 hours lecture

Assessment: exam

Type of exam: written



The course aims:

  • to provide broad understanding of economics in relation to international trade;
  • to allow students to become aware of the current problems of international economics and the role of international organizations in the world economy;
  • to provide knowledge about the economy of the European Union and its impact on the economies of Europe.

Course content

The main framework of the world economy and the main actors on the international stage. International trade theory. International trade policy. Exchange rates and open economy macroeconomics. Globalisation. The economy of the EU. The economies of Europe.


Teaching and assessment

The lecture course is interactive and pragmatically oriented. Students have access  to on-line data and are required to take an active part in seminars and make presentations on topics defined  during lectures or seminars. Attendance and participation contribute to the final ECTS grade by 20%. 80% of the grade comes from the written exam.


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