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1326 Institutions and Decision Making in the EU


ECTS credits: 6

Weekly workload: 2 hours lecture

Assessment: exam

Type of exam: written



This interdisciplinary course aims to acquaint students with the institutional frame of the EU, its structure and the intensive law-making processes taking place there. An additional emphasis is laid on those national institutions in Bulgaria closely linked with the process of European integration and the decision-making there.

Course content

The EU as a legal body - division of competences among institutions and between the EU and its institutions, on the one hand, and between member countries and their respective societies, on the other. EU institutions. Legal acts of the EU: types, juristic action and procedures for their acceptance. The role of national institutions in EU decision making. 


Teaching and assessment

Teaching is by interactive lectures and seminars. The semester finishes with a general test for which the students should be able to show not only theoretical competence but skills to interpret concrete legal situations from activities of EU institutions to their compatibility with the legislation of member or accession states. The final ECTS grade is based on three components: the result from the participation and attendance during lectures and seminars, the presented course assignment (20%) and the results from the written exam (80%).


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