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0862 Bulgarian/ 1318 Romanian/ 1320 German


ECTS credits: 3

Weekly workload: 4 hours practical exercises

Assessment: continuous assessment

Type of exam: written and oral



The goal of each respective courses is:

  • To tune the language knowledge and skills of the learners on one of the first two elective languages, Bulgarian and Romanian.
  • To develop skills and competences for applying the foreign language as a means of communication in a multicultural environment.
  • To improve the speaking and writing skills of the learners.  

Course content

The course content of each of the disciplines is defined by the language level of the respective learners. In Bulgarian and  Romanian learners are expected to rose from level A1 to level A2 or B1 of the European Framework of Languages. In English and German they are expected to move from upper intermediate level to advanced or proficiency level (B2→C1 or C2).


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