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1331  Research methods


ECTS credits: 6

Weekly workload: 2 hours lecture

Assessment:continuous assessment

Type of exam: written and oral



This course is studied in Germany the third semester. It has the goal to acquaint students with the variety of research methods in preparing, implementing and analyzing sociological research data which students are expected to learn and apply successfully. As a whole the course has the task to orient the students to that type of competence that is necessary for the interpretation of qualitative data in sociological research using the standard software product - SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Sciences).

Course content

Kritik der klassischen quantitativen. Organisationsforschung Kernprinzipien der Geschichte der qualitativen Sozialforschung qualitativen. Organisationsforschung Forschungsprozess. Erhebungsmethoden. Analysemethoden.


Teaching and assessment

Theory is discussed at lectures. Theoretical knowledge is applied at practice sessions in the computer laboratory. During the practice sessions students are given the opportunity to get acquainted with and work with the  Statistical Package for Social Sciences. Assessment also involves the evaluation of a course work (course paper). The final ECTS grade is based on the tests done and the presentation of the course work.


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