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0326 European Integration

ECTS credits: 6

Weekly workload: 2 hours lecture

Assessment: exam

Type of exam: written



The course aims

  • Knowledge about European integration and the enlargement of EU
  • Awareness of the complexity of the process of European integration
  • Awareness of points of view deriving from European or Non-European national and cultural backgrounds
  • Ability to reflect on one’s  own values and question concepts, ideas and theories
  • Ability to interpret European events in national, regional and local frameworks
  • Ability to identify and use appropriate sources of information in the relevant area
  • Ability to communicate in English using appropriate terminology.


Teaching and assessment

The methods of teaching and learning include:  interactive lectures and seminars; tutorials; surveying appropriate sources of information; annotating scientific articles; meeting an expert from the professional practice; working on an assignment and producing a paper of 10  pages on one of the two topics: “What is Europe?” ; or “What is the European Union?”.  

Final assessment is based on attendance, student participation, paper and a written exam.


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