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Annual international youth conference LEAD

From December 14 to 16, 2023, University of Ruse hosted the annual international youth conference of the Danube School, co-organized by the Bulgarian-Romanian Interuniversity Europe Center (BRIE), Elias Canetti International Society, European Initiatives without Borders NGO and European Danube Academy, Ulm, Germany. The event welcomed 30 participants from Bulgaria, Vietnam, India, Cyprus, China, Moldova, Romania, North Macedonia, Türkiye, Ukraine.

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International conference dedicated to cultural diversity
The international conference DIVERS (Danubean/Inclusive/Value-based/Responsive/Society) took place from 4 to 6th June 2021 and commemorated the 115th anniversary of the birth of the Ruse-born Nobel Prize winner Elias Canetti and the 40th anniversary of awarding his prize. The conference was organized by BRIE and International Elias Canetti Society and it was supported by the European Danube Academy. Read More
International Conference TURNING POINT

With the support of the European Danube Academy – a non-governmental organization from Ulm, Germany, the Baden-Württemberg Foundation and the non-governmental organization European Initiatives without Limits, BRIE organized the international conference TURNING POINT dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Stability Pact for Southeastern Europe. The conference took place between 19.12- 21.12.2019 with participants and speakers from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Greece, Bulgaria.

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Presentation of Niccolo Milanese's book 'Citizens of Nowhere'

The director of the organization European Alternatives accepted the invitation of International Elias Canetti Society to present his book to BRIE students and citizens on April 9, 2019. A poet and philosopher, living in Paris, he was born in London to parents of Italian and British descent.

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International Conference HOPE gathered BRIE students and alumni with high achievements

With the support of the European Danube Academy - a non-governmental organization from Ulm, Germany, Foundation Ruse Free Spirit  City and the non-governmental organization European Initiatives Without Borders, BRIE organized an international conference HOPE, which celebrated 25 years from entering into force of the Treaty on European Union . The treaty is part of a remarkable historical context: the end of the Cold War, the fall of the Berlin Wall, gentle revolutions.

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Visit of His Excellency Herbert Salber, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany

His Excellency Herbert Salber, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany, visited the University of Ruse on 28.09.2018. During his first visit, he got familiar with the profile and potential of  University of Ruse and the activities of BRIE, presented by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kornazheva. The BRIE Director outlined the achievements and highlighted the current challenges  which BRIE is facing.

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Students' Volunteering at International Conference HEInnovate, 17.06.2018

Bulgarian and foreign students from BRIE responded to the invitation of the Student Council to join as volunteers in the conference HEInnovate, hosted by the University of Ruse and dedicated to innovation in higher education. The forum took place as part of the events devoted to the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union and brought together more than 150 representatives of European universities, entrepreneurs, politicians and teams from the European Commission's Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture.

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Summer School in European Integration- 29 May - 4 June 2018

Every two years, BRIE organizes a Summer School in European Integration for students from the Master and Bachelor degree programs in European Studies. This year, it included a rich cultural program and the European youth event in Strasbourg (EYE 2018 01-02.06.2018) –a European Parliament initiative for meeting MEP with the young people of Europe. EYE is being held for the third time in a row by the European Parliament, this year it has attracted around 8,000 young people from all over Europe.

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Romanian-Bulgarian cross-border seminar in Romania

On Europe Day - 9 May 2018, students of BRIE Ruse, led by coordinator of BRIE PhD student E. Parvanova, took part in a cross-border seminar, organized and hosted by the  University of Economic Studies in Bucharest (Romania). The seminar aimed to meet students from BRIE- Ruse with Romanian students and to enable them to exchange their experience from participating in international mobility programs and motivate students to plan their participation in such programs.

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International Workshop on Ideas "United We Stand Strong. Young We Stand United "

Within the Bulgarian Presidency of the European Union on the occasion of Europe Day - 9 May 2018, BRIE-Ruse, Municipal Youth Center-Ruse and Ruse office of MEPs from the European People's Party Andrey Novakov and Emil Radev co-organized the International Youth Workshop of Ideas under the motto "United We Stand Strong. Young We Stand United " .

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BRIE director participates in international forum in Laos

The director of BRIE Assoc. Prof. Mimi Kornazheva took part in the ASEM SIXTH SEMINAR ON SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Ïntegrated Water Resources Management for Sustainable Development" on 25-26 October 2017 in Pakse, LaoPDR. She made a presentation on the topic "Multi-level Governance of Water-Energy-Food Nexus: Sustainable Development Lessons from Bulgaria".

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BRIE co-organizes a Bulgarian-Romanian forum, which discusses the Bulgarian presidency of the Council of the EU

BRIE and Kaneff Centre were co-organizers of a Bulgarian-Romanian forum "10 Years EU Membership: Future Prospects". The forum took place in Kaneff Centre on 20th of October 2017. Among the doscussed topics was the preparation of Bulgaria for the presidency of the Council of the EU, along with the basic challenges which the EU will be facing in this period

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Assoc. Prof. M. Kornazheva recieves the award "Inspirator"

The director of BRIE Assoc. Prof. M. Kornazheva was conferred the award “Inspirator” by the Student Union of University of Ruse. This annual award represents the preference of students for the best teacher, expressed within anonymous student vote.

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The university of Ruse holds ASEM conference on the topic of water diplomacy

In the context of the cooperation between University of Ruse via BRIE and the Diplomatic Institute at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in December 2016 the university of Ruse hosted a prestigious international scientific conference dedicated to water diplomacy on the rivers Danube and Mekong in the framework of the ASEM Sustainable Development Dialogue (Asia-Europe Meeting).

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Round table conference in the university of Ruse about DAESH

In the framework of the scientific conference of University of Ruse, BRIE director Assoc. Prof. Dr. M. Kornazheva was a moderator of a round table on the topic “DAESH: (Non)Islamic State – the first comprehensive exploration of the terrorist organization”, which took place on 28.10.2016. Prof. Vladimir Chukov, an expert in international politics and international security, and author of the book, outlined the social, tribal and regional layers of the Islamic radicalism as catalysts of the emergence of the organization.

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Cross-border seminar at the Bulgarian-Romanian border

Prof. Dr. M. Profiroiu, vice-rector of the University of Economic Studies Bucharest and director of BRIE in Romania invited BRIE students to take part in the International Week of the University of Economic Studies on 07.06.2016.During the debate topics connected with the current crises of the European Union and the opportunities to overcome them.

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The member of European Parliament Mrs. Maria Gabriel visits the University of Ruse.

On 14.05.2016 the member of European Parliament Mrs. Maria Gabriel visited the University of Ruse.  She awarded the students with highest academic performance from each faculty with a visit to the European Parliament in Brussels. She also met African students of BRIE and discussed with them her activities in the relations of  the European Union and Africa.  Her lecture on that particular topic students was agreed.

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The ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands visits the University of Ruse.

On the occasion of Europe Day, on 11.05.2016 the ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the Republic of Bulgaria His Excellency Tom van Oorschot visited the University of Ruse. BRIE was a co-organizer and host of the event. He delivered a lecture to students from BRIE and bachelor students, connected with the Dutch presidency of the Council of EU.

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Student Conference on the topic European and Global Studies.

On 09.05.2016 Student Conference on the topic  European and Global Studies has taken place. Students presented papers on the following topics:

National Impact of the European Integration – Maria-Denitsa Veselinova Georgieva; Integration of African Countries: Challenges and Opportunities – Ekema Edmund Muaka; The Role of Public Services in the Process of EU Integration – Sama Jayin Basile; China In The Era оf Globalization – Mariya Kamburova; Globalization and Business Communication – Meray Yuzeirova; Globalization and Religion – Gabriela Lambeva; Defining Globalization: Different Perspectives – Linda Mihaylova; The American Lobby Group or How the President Obama Tried to Restore the Foreign Relations with Cuba Through PR and Lobbying- Hristo Bakardzhiev; Washington, D.C. and the Role of the Diplomatic Missions in the Nation’s Capital – Hristo Bakardzhiev; Dynamics of US Impact on Globalization – Todor Krastev; Different Approaches to Global Threats – Daniela Atanasova.

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Public discussion 'The parliament of Europe'

BRIE students and BRIE director participated in a public discussion on the topic “The Parliament of Europe” under the project “Face European Parliament” COMM/SUBV/2015/01/0008. The event took place in two stages: in August 2015 and on 19.11.2015. The aim of the forum was to increase the awareness of the Bulgarian society on the EU policies set out in the Europe 2020 strategy. The event was covered live on BNT 2 and BNT World.

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Project BRAINS wins the 'Young Innovator' prize

The research project BRAINS realized within the framework of BRIE was awarded at the Annual RINNO ceremony for most innovative partnership within the framework of the project “RINNO – Model for Increasing the Benefits from the Cross-border Cooperation between Romania and Bulgaria through Research and Investment, 2R-3.1-1(4), MIS 168”. The ceremony took place on 26.06.2015 in Grand Hotel Riga, Ruse. The prize received was in the category “Young innovator”.

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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mimi Kornazheva took part in a seminar in Vietnam within Europe-Asia dialogue

At the invitation of the Diplomatic Institute at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria, Assoc. Prof. Dr. M. Kornazheva was included in a delegation of the Republic of Bulgaria which took part in a seminar within the framework of the Europe-Asia dialogue for sustainable development (ASEM) with regards to the Danube-Mekong Initiative. 

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President's Initiative

BRIE alumni took part in the initiative of the President of Bulgaria Rosen Plevneliev, called "Youth Vision for the Development of Bulgaria". The initiative takes place for the third time and aims to gather the ideas of alumni with greatest academic results regarding the prospective policies for the development of the country.

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Students of BRIE participated in an International academy on the topic 'Is my Europe the same as yours?'

The academy took place (for the second time) between 14-18th of July 2014 in Sandanski (Bulgaria) with the participation of 27 young people from Bulgaria, Romania and Greece. It was organized by the Economic Policy Institute in Bulgaria and the Hanns Seidel Foundation. The aim of the academy was to discuss the cooperation between the three countries and to hear the opinion of the youngsters about their countries as member states of the European Union.

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BRIE students took part in European Youth Event 2014 in Strasbourg

The forum called European Youth Event (EYE 2014) gathered in Strasbourg, France over 5000 youngsters between 16 and 30 years old from all EU member states. It took place between 09 and 11th of May. Bulgarian and Romanian students from BRIE and the Academy of Economic Studies – Bucharest also took part in the event. The organizers were the European Parliament and the European Youth Forum.

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Students of BRIE took part in an international seminar

The International Youth Academy on the topic: Is my Europe the same as yours? was financed by foundation “Hanns Seidel” and the Institute for economic policy.

The event took place in the town Sandanski in the period 15th- 19th of July. It gathered participants from Bulgaria, Romania and Greece. They discussed the local dimensions of key topics from the agenda of the European Union, the cross-border cooperation between the three countries, the concept for branding etc.

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BRIE provided summer school in Brussels for its students

Students from the University of Ruse “Angel Kanchev” took part in a summer school in European integration which took place from 5th till 11th of May in Brussels. 46 students and professors had the opportunity to visit the European institutions and to observe their work within the framework of the traditional Summer school in European integration of the Bulgarian-Romanian Interuniversity Europe Centre.

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Minister of Regional Development Rosen Plevneliev will be lecturer at BRIE

The Minister of Regional Development and Public Works Rosen Plevneliev said that it would be his pleasure to accept the invitation to be a lecturer in fall at BRIE Ruse and Giurgiu. 

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Meeting with Erhard Busek

We kindly invite all our students of BRIE to meet Erhard Busek - special coordinator of the Stabiliy Pact for South-Eastern Europe.

The Meeting will take place 18.05.2011, Wednesday, from 18.00h, room 2g.509

Meeting the German Ambassador Matthias Hoepfner

On May, 9th of May, at 16h, all students of BRIE are invited to meet the German ambassador Matthias Hoepfner. The ambassador will first hold a lecture about European politics, then students have the chance to discuss with him current topics. 

Happy Christmas and happy New Year!!

Happy holidays

Diploma ceremony & Introduction Day

The diploma award ceremony for the graduates took place together with the introduction day for the new Master students on Saturday, 16th October 2010 in order to ensure the transfer between graduates and new students.

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Diploma ceremony, Saturday, October 16th, 11 o'clock

The Graduates from last year will receive their diplomas from the Vice Rector of University of Ruse. The diploma ceremony will start on Saturday, October 16th, 11 o'clock in the new BRIE premises at Ruse University (5th floor).

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Start of semester on October 16th 2010

The semester for the new BRIE Master students starts at Saturday, October 16th 2010 at 10 o'clock in the BRIE premises.

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel highlighted Bulgarian-Romanian Interuniversity Europe Center as flagship project

On Monday 11th October German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been granted a doctor honoris causa title by the Bulgarian Ruse University "Angel Kanchev". The German Chancellor pointed out that the "Bulgarian-Romanian Interuniversity Europe Center" is a flagship project of Ruse university and she thanked especially all German, Bulgarian and Romanian partners supporting this project.

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