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The BRIE Mission

The three pillars of BRIE


The geographical position of Giurgiu and Ruse stands for the spirit of the coalescence of today‘s Europe. Even though the Danube River has been the dividing line between Romania and Bulgaria from a historical point of view, this strategic location has always been shaping the lives of the people and the development of the region.

Today, this common sense of the people is taken up again in order to achieve the vision of a common European future. The borderline looses its dividing effect and is now becoming an EUROREGION. As a territory of unified infrastructure and free movement, the region is not only an important connection of waterways and roads but also a symbol of mutual economical, political and social development.

The Bulgarian-Romanian Interuniversity Europe Center (BRIE) is one of the first signs of this EUROREGION, promoting regional cooperation and the process of European integration at the same time. By bringing together representatives of science and industry, BRIE represents a cross-border educational network in South Eastern Europe driven by the University of Economic Studies Bucharest, the “Angel Kanchev” University of Ruse as well as various German universities.

The identity of the network is based on three pillars (3Ps), which are incorporated in the BRIE logo:

– BRIE is a follower of the Bologna process and belongs to the European educational area (inter-university Partnership);


– BRIE contributes to the education of a new generation of professionals, committed to the European integration, to the region of South Eastern Europe and to the border area at the Danube bridge (university- professional practice Partnership);


– BRIE interacts with businesses, politicians, public
administrators, NGOs and the media to respond to
societal needs (university - public - private Partnership).

The Bulgarian-Romanian Interuniversity Europe Centre is a project in the framework of the Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe which was initiated by the German Rectors‘ Conference (HRK) at the end of 2000.

BRIE – learning to overcome borders


Ruse and Giurgiu are located at a central traffic cross point in South Eastern Europe. Here the Pan-European transport corridors VII and IX are crossing. While the Danube River as one of the major European waterway connects Western Europe with the Black Sea region, the corridor IX marks the transit route between the Aegean Sea and northern Europe. Apart from the economic importance of those transit ways, the region also represents the hinge between the European Union and Turkey as well as South Eastern Europe. Referring to that, the region plays a decisive role as far as political and societal stability on the entire European continent is concerned.


Since 2002 the Bulgarian-Romanian Interuniversity Europe Center constitutes a cross-border educational network, which will be able to actively make a contribution to the actual and future challenges of the region.

Against this background, BRIE is firstly aiming at the development of human capital. The region needs professionals, who will be able to prevent from destruction and start building the region anew. They will have to concentrate on projects and overcome the huge social and economic disparities with the other parts of Europe.

On the other hand, the region needs people, who have experienced togetherness and friendships with people from other states in their university lives. Such people are more likely to overcome narrow-minded national thinking and combine the commitment to the region with its integration into the European Union.

The raison d’être of BRIE is the argument, that change in the region could only be driven by a new generation of people. These young professionals should possess professional competences, a culture of cooperation and the awareness, that societal development in Europe is based on values, related to:

- economic growth, jobs and prosperity

- democratic structures and societal participation

- ecological and global responsibility

- the reduction of stereotypes and peaceful coexistence

Having this in mind, BRIE enables to overcome borders and therefore education will be the driving force.

7 reasons to study at BRIE


The seven stars of the BRIE logo symbolize the seven reasons to study at BRIE:

 Star Choosing qualifications relevant to internationalized job markets

     StarInvolving in multi- and interdisciplinary curricular and extra-curricular activities

           StarProfiting from studying in small groups and tutorials

                StarAcquiring region and practice-oriented competences

                     StarExperiencing an intercultural academic community

                         StarLiving and learning at three states within a single student lifetime

                              StarGuaranteeing future career prospects