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Round table conference in the university of Ruse about DAESH

Posted by Administrator (admin) on Oct 31 2016
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In the framework of the scientific conference of University of Ruse, BRIE director Assoc. Prof. Dr. M. Kornazheva was a moderator of a round table on the topic “DAESH: (Non)Islamic State – the first comprehensive exploration of the terrorist organization”, which took place on 28.10.2016. Prof. Vladimir Chukov, an expert in international politics and international security, and author of the book, outlined the social, tribal and regional layers of the Islamic radicalism as catalysts of the emergence of the organization. He emphasized the force majeure circumstances which are associated with the transformation of the organization from a criminal band to local influential militias with proto-governmental structure. He commented on the military growth of the organization as a result of solid financing and successful recruitment of soldiers from Saddam Hussein’s army who are strongly motivated to seek for revenge and power. He explained, that in this case the military attracted theologians, not vice versa. He clarified the difference between Daesh and Al Qaeda: Daesh is a military-political project, while Al Qaeda is a religious and imaginary community. Professors and students, as well as representatives of the civil society, got involved in the discussion with questions.

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