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The university of Ruse holds ASEM conference on the topic of water diplomacy

Posted by Administrator (admin) on Dec 05 2016
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      In the context of the cooperation between University of Ruse via BRIE and the Diplomatic Institute at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in December 2016 the university of Ruse hosted a prestigious international scientific conference dedicated to water diplomacy on the rivers Danube and Mekong in the framework of the ASEM Sustainable Development Dialogue (Asia-Europe Meeting). The conference is part of a series of international events by which the 20th anniversary of the founding of the ASEM forum in 1996  is celebrated. The event took place between 30th of November and 03rd of December 2016 in Kaneff Center. The planning and organization of the conference has taken an year and was done by the director of BRIE Assoc. Prof. M. Kornazheva in cooperation, including video conferences, with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria represented by Mr. Angel Orbetsov, director of Asia, Australia, Mr. Pierrick Fillon-Ashida, Senior Administrator Asia Unit, DG “Research & Innovation”, European Commission, Mr. Dorin-Mihai Palaghiciuc, PhD, Desk Officer in Charge of Bangladesh, European external Action Service. and Oceania Directorate at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, senior servant for ASEM, Mrs. Emiliya Kraeva, director International Cooperation at the Ministry of Environment and Water, Dr. S. Karapchanski, vice-mayor of Municipality of Ruse, Prof. Dr. V. Pencheva, Rector of University of Ruse. 75 representatives from 25 countries and international organizations have participated in the forum: ASEAN, Austria,  Bangladesh, Bulgaria, China, European Commission, European External Action Service, France, Germany/Serbia, Hungary, India, International Commission for the Protection ะพf the Danube River, Korea, Lao PDR, Mekong River Commission, Mongolia, Pakistan, Romania, UK/Romania, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, UNITED NATIONS,  represented by World Water Assessment Programme (WWAP), hosted by UNESCO and Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO).

 In the opening of the forum the Minister of environment of Laos, the vice-minister of environment and water of Bulgaria – Mrs. Atanaska Nikolova, diplomats from Vietnam, representatives of ASEAN and the UN, took part. The topic of the forum “Water Nexus Agenda for the Third ASEM Decade” was dedicated to one of the most significant global problems of the modern world: the water-energy-food nexus and its relation to the “green” economic growth, security, climate change and the quality of life. A special panel focused on the problem of the river basins as resource areas with multifunctional potential. As an outcome of the conference, a book will be released with papers and presentations.

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