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Student Conference on the topic European and Global Studies.

Posted by Administrator (admin) on May 11 2016
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On 09.05.2016 Student Conference on the topic  European and Global Studies has taken place. Students presented papers on the following topics:

National Impact of the European Integration – Maria-Denitsa Veselinova Georgieva; Integration of African Countries: Challenges and Opportunities – Ekema Edmund Muaka; The Role of Public Services in the Process of EU Integration – Sama Jayin Basile; China In The Era оf Globalization – Mariya Kamburova; Globalization and Business Communication – Meray Yuzeirova; Globalization and Religion – Gabriela Lambeva; Defining Globalization: Different Perspectives – Linda Mihaylova; The American Lobby Group or How the President Obama Tried to Restore the Foreign Relations with Cuba Through PR and Lobbying- Hristo Bakardzhiev; Washington, D.C. and the Role of the Diplomatic Missions in the Nation’s Capital – Hristo Bakardzhiev; Dynamics of US Impact on Globalization – Todor Krastev; Different Approaches to Global Threats – Daniela Atanasova.

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