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International Conference HOPE gathered BRIE students and alumni with high achievements

Posted by Administrator (admin) on Nov 02 2018
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With the support of the European Danube Academy - a non-governmental organization from Ulm, Germany, Foundation Ruse Free Spirit  City and the non-governmental organization European Initiatives Without Borders, BRIE organized an international conference HOPE, which celebrated 25 years from entering into force of the Treaty on European Union . The treaty is part of a remarkable historical context: the end of the Cold War, the fall of the Berlin Wall, gentle revolutions. The treaty opened up opportunities for cherished hope of the countries from Central and Eastern Europe to cope with the challenges of the transition and become part of a union of values: peace and security, freedom and human rights. The project HOPE views 1st November 2018 as a hope that the European Union will continue to defend these values and contribute to the prosperity of European citizens, to work for the common interest (in the words of Jean Monnet , pronounced after the end of World War II, which laid the foundation for the Community method of integration). Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kornazheva, a supervisor of the conference, organized the discussion in 4 panels: Panel 1: Harnessing Regions’ Strengths; Panel 2: Overcoming Weaknesses of States; Panel 3: Proactively Responding to Global Threats and Opportunities ; Panel 4: Elaborating Future Policy Priorities . A total of 25 young political scientists and PhD students, BRIE alumni and students from 7 countries presented their ideas for publications. A collective monograph is due to be issued.

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