European Integration and Project Funding (EIPF) - general information


Mission: EIPF focuses on a set of activities for attracting project funding for "Angel Kanchev" University of Ruse within the frames of European and other international programmes, as well as activities related to popularizing and enhancing the motivation for project work and developing adequate competences for its realization.

Basic principles: EIPF  conducts its activity in correspondence with the latest EU polices and programmes for project funding in the field of education, science, research and innovations, as well as in other fields related to the University. It also looks into utilizing the opportunities for attracting donors and project funding of international programmes other than the EU ones. 


  • Keeping the academic community of the University of Ruse constantly aware of the opportunities for developing project proposals within the frames of different programmes.
  • Executing a set of measures for increasing the relative share of on-going projects in the University of Ruse.
  • Organising a set of activities for developing the knowledge, skills and competencies of members of the academic community interested in applying for and implementing projects under various programmes.
  • Coordination of the University policy in the field of project funding.
  • Maintaining and developing a network of Ruse University partners in the field of project funding on a national and international level.