In the Preparatory language course and specialized preparation is provided education in Bulgarian and in English languages for the foreign students at the University of Ruse "Angel Kanchev".

At the University of Ruse the educational qualification degree “Bachelor” for international students begins with the Preparatory language course in Bulgarian or English and specialized preparation depending on the chosen professional field. The Preparatory language course and specialized preparation is conducted according to the educational documentation, which includes the curriculum and educational programs (syllabuses). This course lasts two semesters in one academic year (not less than 9 months) and is organized in groups of not more than 10 students. 

Successful graduates of the Preparatory language course will receive a Certificate which will enable them to enroll in the first year of their chosen Bachelor degree program.

The language and specialized preparation is carried out through the studying of compulsory subjects, divided into two groups with a minimum duration as follows:

  1. For humanities majors - Bulgarian language - 800 academic hours;
  2. For all other majors
    • Bulgarian language – 650 academic hours;
    • Specialized subjects  – 350 academic hours.

The Bulgarian language course ends with an exam (written and oral) which is taken in front of a committee. Specialized preparation completes with exams in all subjects provided in the curriculum, which are taken in front of a committee. 

Those (persons, individuals) who have successfully completed the Preparatory language course are issued a Certificate of Successful Completion of the Preparatory Language Course in Bulgarian Level B2 (according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages), which is required for the enrollment of foreign students in the first year at all higher education institutions in the Republic of Bulgaria.

The annual tuition fee for the language course (in Bulgarian) is 2500 EUR.

The annual tuition fee for the language course (in English) is 3000 EUR.

More information about the annual fees you can find at:

According to Art. 18 (2) of the Decree of the State Requirements for Admission of Students to the Higher Education Institutions of the Republic of Bulgaria, persons who are fluent in Bulgarian language or language in which the studies will be conducted may take a comprehensive/equivalent exam (in Bulgarian/English and specialized subjects) without having undergone language course.

Foreign citizens who want to study in English can enroll as students in the chosen Bachelor, master or Doctor Degree programs by presenting certificates: TOEFL - 80; IELTS - Band 6; Cambridge First Certificate English (FCE) - Pass grade C; Cambridge Advanced English Certificate (CAE) - Pass grade C.

The fee for the comprehensive exam is 250 EUR.