The main goal of the activity of the Distance Learning Centre (DLC) is to create an opportunity at the University of Ruse to acquire educational and qualification degrees through distance learning. DLC is a service unit of the University of Ruse, which is opened, transformed and closed by decision of the Academic Council. It was founded on 19th April, 2005 by decision of the Academic Council.

According to the Ordinance on State Requirements for the Organization of Distance Learning in Higher Schools, Learning materials and resources are classified into four levels of technological assurance:

1. First level - teaching and methodical materials on paper or their electronic versions;

2. Second level - multimedia and interactive learning materials distributed on electronic media, magnetic and optical discs, audio and video means;

3.Tthird level - study materials and modules for training and evaluation, located on specialized servers with guaranteed high-speed Internet access;

4. Fourth level - learning materials and resources for self-training located in an Internet-based distance learning system with guaranteed high-speed access.

In the internet-based system under paragraph 2 item 4. is also supported:

1. The organization and conduct of distance learning;

2. Integrated database with personal data, study programs and virtual learning materials, tasks and tests;

When organizing and conducting a distance form of education for the acquisition of an educational degree, no less than 70 percent of the study materials and resources for self-training at the third and/or fourth technological level are provided.

The organization of the training of students, specialists and doctoral students in the distance form may also include on-site periods, when this corresponds to the specifics of the specialty and the needs of the students. They are held in main units in the structure of the higher education institution, created under the terms of the Law on Higher Education. Attendance periods cannot exceed 30 percent of the classroom occupancy provided for the regular form of education in the given specialty in the curriculum.

The primary function of the DLC is to maintain the server and Internet-based distance learning system. The main units - the faculties - are responsible for the rest of the organization (educational documentation, registration and maintenance of student status, preparation of study materials, quality of education).

It is a basic policy of University Of Ruse to start DL first for master's degrees.

Functions of the DLC related to the learning process:

1. Organizes the training of teachers participating in the distance form of education;

2. Is responsible for familiarizing the students with the features of the distance form of education;

3. Works together with course coordinators to achieve the goals of distance learning;

4. Monitors the development of means and technologies for distance learning and makes proposals for updating the used ones.

Composition of Distance  Learning Centre

The governing bodies of the DLC are the Council for Distance Education and the Head of the DLC. The operational work of the Head of the DLC is supported by an Operational Board. The members of the governing bodies are elected for a term of four years, which coincides with the term of office of the General Assembly of the University and of the Rector.

The Distance Learning Council (DLC) is a collective governing body. The specific numerical and nominal composition of the Distance Learning Council is determined by the Academic Council. The Chairman of the Distance Learning Council is the Head of the Centre for Education.